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Coloring game for kids 2+

Develop creative skills and patience! Coloring game is a great way to entertain your children with great benefit. Cute pictures with animals, dinosaurs, monsters, and other characters will touch everyone's feelings.

Puzzle for kids

Puzzle game is a great way to capture the attention of preschool age kids for a long time in a useful way. This joyful educational puzzle develops logic and motor skills! Kids learn to recognize shapes and forms with funny characters.

Kids Educational Game 3+
Learning game for kids

Funny educational games for kids of early preschool age. The app includes 18 minigames in six categories covering lexical topics that are easily understandable for kids.

Puzzle game for toddlers 3+
Puzzles for kids 2 years and older

Fun puzzle game for children. Rotate the pieces and build characters from different categories.

puzzles for kids game 3+
Baby puzzle game

Build characters from 3 horizontal parts. Enjoy funny animations. Learn new words!

About us

Fun Apps & Games For Kids

We know that children learn much more willingly and faster if they like it! The best way to captivate kids is through play. We have combined these concepts in our educational mobile applications. A variety of games, funny characters, and exciting tasks allow every child to find something new and interesting for themselves. All applications are developed in accordance with the recommendations of a qualified child educator. Play and learn with Epicat Games!

Designed for

Interface and graphics adapted specifically for preschoolers

Develop all
basic skills

Kids solve fundamental problems in a natural and fun way

Games are
insanely fun

Bright pictures and cute characters make learning easy and desirable!

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